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Inventory of "Plum" Political Jobs

The United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, more commonly known as the Plum Book is used to identify presidentially appointed positions within Prune Book Icon the Federal Government. The Plum Book is published alternatively by the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Governmental Affairs and the U.S. House Committee on Government Reform with data supplied by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management after each presidential election and lists more than 7,000 noncompetitive appointments nationwide.

The Plum Book also includes data on positions such as agency heads and their immediate subordinates, policy executives and advisors, and aides who report to these officials. The duties of many such positions may involve advocacy of Administration policies and programs and the incumbents usually have a close and confidential working relationship with the agency or other key officials.

The major categories of positions listed in United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions include:

  • Executive Schedule and salary-equivalent positions paid at the rates established for levels I through V of the Executive Schedule;
  • Senior Executive Service "General" positions and Senior Foreign Service positions;
  • Schedule C positions excepted from the competitive service by the President, or by the Director, Office of Personnel Management, and other positions at the GS-14 and above level excepted from the competitive civil service by law, because of the confidential or policy-determining nature of the position duties.
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